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Donably is an online support fundraiser and donor community building tool that helps online content producers primarily with smaller amounts of support.

It helps bloggers, videographers, singers, copywriters, musicians, painters, and anyone who wants to focus on what they do best instead of searching for sponsors. Donably is designed to be as easy as possible for everyone to use.

Quick and simple!

To use the system, you must register on , then open an online account with Barion, where donations will be forwarded to your personal account.

After a quick registration, you can create your donation page, which you can link to in the content you publish. This means that after entering a bit of data and just a few clicks you are ready to start collecting donations!

  1. No fees per transaction
  2. No monthly fees
  3. No registration fee
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Directly to the creators

What distinguishes it from other systems is that the donations you receive through Donably are not deposited on an account in our system, but are forwarded directly to your own Barion account (with the commission deducted). So you have virtually instant access to your balance at a fraction of the cost of other systems and payment methods.

Donably has no transaction fees, no monthly fees, and no VAT.

After deducting all costs for each provider, here are the percentages of donations you will keep, on average:


Do you already have a support community? Switch to Donably easily, without risk!

It’s really simple. Just display a link of your Donably donation collection page on your social media pages. Then, ask your followers to support you through Donably in your new posts and content.

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